Center for Trauma and Attachment

Renegade Counseling's mission is to provide expert care for the treatment of trauma, Complex trauma and childhood wounds

Hi! I'm Annabelle, your trauma specialist and gender affirming therapist. I work with adults and teenagers (11+) to heal childhood adverse experiences. In addition, I am specialized in neuro divergence (ADHD) and support parents whose children/teens are exploring their gender and sexual identity.

You can find joy again, feel connected, and be authentically you, all at the same time. Let's find a way for you to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and all the parts that matter to you.

I specialize in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, experiential work and parts work (IFS). I will be EMDR trained by mid-2023. My therapeutic approach is based on neuroscience and working with the body to help you reduce triggers, find balance, and be fully present. I provide sessions both in person and virtually. Please contact me to schedule a free consult.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy